Wild, creative, adventurous spirit, I believe that women (and men) together can make magic happen.


I am a certified teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language with over 12 years of teaching experience.  Besides teaching Spanish to students from all over the world, I host workshops and retreats on creative writing in the Spanish countryside.

Education has always been my passion but not the only one.

My desire of a more balanced world in which women and men can express freely and fulfil their passions and callings has taken me on a path of activism. I organise screenings, debates and initiate conversations about different social and women issues.
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August 2016 has seen the birth of my brain child, Awakened Creatress, a gathering and celebration of women, creativity and self-expression, where I organise events around women, self-expression and the importance to share our stories to inspire and be inspired.


You can find me here:


Online Spanish Lessons
Compass Spanish online courses
Events about women, self-expression, creativity and story sharing.


Retreats in Spain


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  1. Hi Maria, are you still in Delhi? I am moving with my family to Defence Colony and I am looking for a way for my daughter to continue learning Spanish. She is 20 months old and has been learning Spanish in the U.S. from her daycare.

    Any ideas or resources you can share would be helpful!


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