904bef665789fa4880e91a8d67af9484· Does the sky need to be other than bright blue, pinks and coppers, or leaden grey to be deserving of love?

· Do the trees need to be any more than covered with leaves, naked, or blossoming to be deserving of love?

· Does the city skyline need to have any other shape to be deserving of love?

· Do the mountainous landscapes need to contain other than its peaks and valleys to be deserving of love?

· Do the golden sunsets need to have any more ochers and shades in order to deserve love?

Don’t we all, then, deserve to be loved just by being who we are? Without ornaments or enhancements, titles and efficiency attached to our selves?

Why then I seem to believe that I have to add more value to who I already am to deserve love? Why can’t I just be still and accept the love that tumbles over my like a cascade?

Why do I need to block that love from showering me whenever I believe I do not deserve it?

Who am I to make that decision?

Who am I to force others to justify their love for me and judge them harshly when I consider their reasons are not good enough?

Who am I to renounce to their love if they want to gift it to me, if they keep tucking me up with its warmth even when I keep running away from it?

Who am I to think less of them just because I think less of me despite of my armour making me believe that I think I’m superior?

Why, if the only thing I covet in this world is love, I reject it and dispose of it when I don’t believe I am deserving?

Why do I keep working in creating reasons for others to love me when they already do? And when the more I work to deserve their love, the less they do, because no love can ever grow from a forsaken ground.

Why don’t I believe I deserve my love?

What standards are engraved in my mind that make me unworthy of my own love? Even when I believe that everything and everyone without exception are deserving of love. When I believe that no creature is not good enough to be loved, and that nothing in this universe does not deserve appreciation, neither need to be any different that it is to deserve it?

Source: Cecilia Alejandra Photography
Source: Cecilia Alejandra Photography

Do the golden sunset need to prove its inherent beauty, the mountainous landscapes their majesty, the city skylines their singularity, the trees their resilience or the skies their openness?

In the same manner I do not need to prove myself that I deserve to be loved, neither I need to improve myself to reach an acceptable level of worthiness.

·  I am and be being who I am, I am already worthy of love ·

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