Nothing like a dream to bring to light how the fears hidden in the subconscious mind are also evolving.

Recurrent Dreams

I used to have a recurrent dream since my childhood.

I kept dreaming being chased, running (or more like flying) down the stairs in an attempt to escape a certain death (or whatever it was I was escaping from). I remember running from strangers, friends and even family.

I was never caught but I always woke up feeling unsafe.

The dream happened again and again.

Until about last year, when I had a similar dream. However, while in this one I was running in the same manner, I didn’t feel threatened. Also, another two variations in this dream were that I was dragging my mum with me and that I was going up the stairs instead of down.

The dream of being chased has never happened again since.

That dream took place in the midst of my sessions with my life coach. Major shifts and growth happened during those months which changed some deep rooted beliefs and brought into light some other things I had buried deep.

Evolving self and clues

Regarding my professional life, dreams are also playing a very important role in translating my beliefs and fears into my conscious.

I have started to pay more and more attention to the dreams since I was told the meaning of one I had that left me in a complete state of confusion in the morning and during the whole day. That was about two years ago.

In that dream I was a thief.

This was the last of a succession of dreams in which I was stealing money from others. I don’t remember much of the context of that specific dream but I remember how I felt when I woke up.

I was so perplex that I shared that dream with my partner and he linked me to some articles about dream interpretation. This particular dream could be a sign that I was having some sort of imposter syndrome.

That dream happened while in my “awake” life I was organising a workshop about Spanish wine and I had emailed many wineries to ask for sponsor. The responses were better than expected and I was obviously feeling that I was cheating on them, that I was a fraud.

This recurrent dream in which I was a thief evolved into me being the one stolen from.

I have been having recurrent dreams about carrying my belongings with me and having my computer bag taken away from me. In some dreams I would see the person taking it away, in some other dreams the bag would just be gone. But in all of them I always felt deep desolation, as if my life would stop as consequence of that (as if I couldn’t buy another computer!)

There is no direct correlation with those dreams and anything in particular happening in my business; but I work remotely so my computer is my most precious possession, the one that allows my sustenance and in many ways my interaction and connection with the world. Also my business is growing and I see how my personal wellbeing and fulfilment is directly connected with the work I do. Take my work away and I will feel very lost.

Last night, I had another dream.

In this dream a group of people, women, were trying to steal my bags, trying to take them away from me. I had many different bags. I had to move away from them and I was feeling worried that I wouldn’t be able to prevent those people to steal my things. But I did.

I only lost sight of my bags for a moment and then, when a person was running away with one of my bags I could run after her and get back my belongings. Many times during the dream I went back to recover my bags from them. There was a sense of annoyance, as if I was wondering why they were doing that to me. But I was also feeling quite confident in my recovery skills.

Unlocking another source of information about ourselves

I am just amazed at the different sources of information and shifts in perceptions. Knowing that without me being aware of it, I have been concerned about my ability to keep my business afloat while it was growing, and that now I seem to trust myself as a the rightful owner of it brings some sort peace.

It feels good to know that I trust myself.

It feels good to know that self-perception is changing.

It just feels good to know… more.





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