Less princesses and more brilliant women. A rant and a hope.

I have been interested in The Girl Effect and One Girl for quite a while now. I love their work and I realize how relevant is to give education to girls. I just started thinking about how one girl has the ability to change the world, and how maybe it’s just one girl what this world and society needs to be fully changed.

Education to the young girls, not only in poverty… but also in the richer countries.

I’m so very tired…

  • It enrages me when a girl is harassed in the streets: staring, catcalls, and rude gestures and it’s considered as normal or even girl’s fault.
  • I get tired of seeing in TV cases of girls that use their womanhood to get pregnant of famous people to earn a living.
  • I am tired of listening how getting married is something unimportant to us but then, when the situation comes, we allow it to change our future.
  • I am tired of seeing how getting a boyfriend makes us more valuable whereas being single is a mark of being faulty.
  • I am horrified seeing girls beautifying themselves wearing insufferable heels, extremely short skirts and tons of make up for the wrong reasons.
  • I am tired of listening women saying why on earth are they going to paint her nails or brush her hair when they are not going to leave the house and nobody is gonna see them…
  • I am tired of seeing little girls dressed as princesses and all in pink, and cute. And us, adults, only praising for their cuteness, beauty or dresses instead of other values.
  • I am horrified seeing those TV programs showing skinny girls succeeding only because of their bodies, women putting all their value in a perishable tiny aspect of their whole, women putting all their value in the person they are with and feeling incomplete when they are single or they don’t have a family.
  • I can’t stand any more a society that claims being not sexist and then, seeing that there are not women in leading roles, and the few ones that reach those posts, have to suffer being called selfish, cold, and, on top of that, earning less money than their male equivalent.
  • I am tired of seeing women having to choose between family and career, and to juggle both and still feel guilty when somehow, the other part in the family equation can climb the hill of success and still being considered a good father.

So, yes, I have finally see the light. I understand. And I see the value in giving an education to a little girl in the poor countries so that girl can grow safe and get herself a future. And with her, to the rest of us.

But what will happen when she gets an education and then she realizes the messed up world she is living in? When she realizes that even if she is a brilliant woman able to create a future for herself, she has to battle against society to get an equal pay, or to when she realizes that she needs to have a really hard skin to ignore the voices that will call her a selfish person, cold, bad mother or bad woman, when she decides she wants to prioritize her career over a family, or when she wants to have both but her partner will look at her badly if she doesn’t want to leave her job to take care of her children.

One step at a time, right? Right! One step at a time. Let’s give an education to the girls in the poor countries and let’s educate the girls in the richer countries to give the hope of a better future to all the other girls.

Empowered strong independent women. That’s what the world needs.

Because when a woman knows her value, she won’t need to get herself a boyfriend to prove herself she is lovable.

  • When a woman loves herself, she won’t depend on anybody else to feel herself loved and won’t be contented with the first guy that tells her she is pretty.
  • When a woman knows she deserves the best, she won’t resign to have anything less.
  • When she realizes she has the whole world at her feet without the need of another person to offer it to her, she will conquer the world.
  • When we stop seeing as selfish to put ourselves first, we will have healthier and less dependent relationships.
  • When a women likes herself and her body, she will realize there’s nothing better than being sexy, but not to attract a man, but to please herself.


We need economically independent women, because they will not only provide for themselves and their families, but they will be also responsible and active community leaders.

An emotionally independent woman, is a woman that know she is able to make herself happy.

A woman that knows herself. A woman who knows who she is and what she wants.

I am tired of seeing girls becoming a different person when they are in a couple, girls that become the “perfect” partner for their man; they become what he wants and they don’t even notice they have become stranger to themselves. And I know what I am talking about. I was so focused in pleasing others that I ended up not knowing what it was what I wanted, what I liked or the kind of people I was and therefore the kind of people I liked to surround myself with.

Being single is as good as being in a relationship. All right, sharing is great, love is wonderful, but sharing with someone who is not your perfect match is a waste of time and energy. Is all or nothing, because life is too short.

It’s ok to put yourself first.

It’s ok do things differently.

It’s ok not having a perky bum or big breasts. It’s ok not wearing heels or thick long eyelashes.

  • What is important is not to loose weight to fit the ideal of sexy women the society tells us is good. What is important is taking care of our body for ourselves, because our body and our mind are the most valuable thing we have. It’s necessary to eat well, to practice sport but not to have the perfect body, but the healthiest and strongest.
  • We don’t need to be bold because we want to attract that particular person we like, but because we want to eat the whole world for ourselves.

It has taken me a while to understand the essence of love and relationships.

  • I no longer understand love at first sight, or loving someone that makes us unhappy.
  • I don’t understand to love someone that needs to be changed.
  • I don’t understand love when an essential part of us has to be hidden or cut off.
  • I don’t understand sacrifice inside a relationship, because I don’t understand abnegation.
  • I do understand sharing and flexibility and priorities.

Less princesses…

It’s time for us to stop aspiring to be princesses and find our prince charming, but to start aspiring to become amazing brilliant strong independent women able to manage on our own, because only then we will be able to make a better place for the future generations and have healthiest and fulfilling relationships with others: men, lovers, friends, family and superiors.