Sensuality in the museum. A reconnection with the nature.

There was an almost surreal atmosphere in the room.

Penumbra with some spotlights. Dark red walls held the scattered paintings.

Vague lines and furious brush strokes. Warm, earthy colors in each illustration.

A combination of oneiric and earthy.

Illusion and mundane.

The carnal naturalness of those women’s naked bodies, their curves, the expression in their eyes, offering themselves and waiting placidly.

Sensuality and overtly sexual poems. 

Incoherence and sense.

Play, feel, touch and see.

Nothing corrupted but wholesome.

Images that went beyond their limits, not constraint by a frame, just as humans can’t constraint the nature.



Earth and flesh melded together beautifully, naturally, sensually.

Reconnected with nature.




Don Antonio Blanco Museum

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