Speak out


Speak out.

Talk your distorted mind down,

And speak up.

Speak out and about,


Speak your mind, 


Speak about and against.

Loud and clear.

For yourself,

for others.

Speak volumes

and speak well.

Say it.

Don’t hold back.

Project your voiced words, 

your love, your hopes, your dreams,


from the center of the stage,

alone under the spotlight.

And say what it comes 

as it comes.

Utter the words

that will make you implode if you keep them quiet. 

They are growing, 

they don’t fit in,

you need to expand 

and let them out.

The times of guilt are over.

It’s time.

Speak up.


because actions are not enough.

They are not your words. 

They are not what is needed now.

Now it’s your voice that you need to hear.

Raise your voice.

Voice who you are.




The negative connotations  

exist only in your head.

Say it!

They are as real as your thoughts.

You control them.

You own them.

Say it!

Lull them to the warm sleep of the innocent.

They did their best.

They have to rest.

But now is time for you to step up.

Stand up.

Speak up.

Tell the story that is waiting to be told.

It’s good.

Say it!

© María Ortega García

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