To be a woman

It means touching your skin,
not to draw attention of the males around
to that part of your body,
but because you need to caress your soul,
to let yourself know that you relish your own softness.

It means swaying your hips
not to attract male glances of your curves,
but because your sway generates an energy
that makes you feel present in your feminine power
regardless of anyones desiring eyes.

It means dancing extravagantly, extremely.
Moving your hips sensually,
rocking your body both softly and wildly,
arms embracing yourself,
hands brushing your skin,
your breasts,
your belly…
and when you are done caressing your frame,
you expand as the rhythm grows in intensity,
to stretch your arms into the sky,
as if you were a dancing flame.

You become the fire burning inside,
so every limb in your body burns to express that flame.
Your back curves in and out as a wild cat,
your arms expand as a bird’s wings,
and your legs open and bend
to let the energy from the earth flow
in and out from your now more stable body.

You are not delicate,
you are a hungry wild beast channelling your feminine power.

You are grandiose,
you are a goddess and a queen,
you are wild and free
finally liberated from those limiting lady-like shackles.

You are bigger than those.

You are greater
and you can hold more than “delicate” inside.

You are fierce,
and can expand into a bodiless inspiring and warming light.
You are deep, dark, and knowing of all the mysteries of a shared wisdom.

Pain and fear, made you strong and courageous.

Constraints, made you rebellious.

Silencing fingers, requiring you to raise your voice.

A whole self (and societal)  imposed obligation to others
left you craving obligation to yourself.

The guilt,
fruit of having been made responsible for everybody’s ease,
made you aware of the primordial need to love you first,
because your only real responsibility is with yourself and your own wellbeing,
is to express to exhaustion,
to let everything out,
to exert your feminine power,
to share your intuitive wisdom,
to let your words into the world.

Because you never felt so empowered and strong
until you heard the warm wild women’s voices embracing and lifting you up
without competition or mistrust,
as they know their worth
and fear nothing.

Never a single man’s look made you feel as delicious and sensual
as your loving and accepting look in the mirror.

You have never been so turned on by a man’s touch
as you have been by your own warming, knowing and loving hands.

And only when you have experienced the love from your own hands, eyes and voice,
you have been able to experience fully the love from other’s hands, eyes and voice,
and trust it.

Only when you trust your worth,
your inner voice,
can you trust what others have to say
and only then can you be trusted.

Because you trust yourself
and let your words become the truth.

© Maria Ortega Garcia

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